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Mrs Walmsley is the teacher in Year 6 from Monday to Thursday each week and Mrs Wilkinson teaches each Friday.

They are supported by Mrs Jones and Mrs Grayson.



ENGLISH and MATHS Lesson Packs

Year-6-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

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Year 6 READING extracts to read and linked comprehensions


Reading Answer-Booklet-Poetry


Reading Answer-Booklet-Non-Fiction


Reading Answer-Booklet-Fiction


Pobble thedoubleact

Pobble The Last Warrior


Year-6 Autumn Term 1 SPaG Activity Mats

Year 6 SPELLING patterns



Arithmetic Paper 1

Arithmetic Paper 1 – Mark Scheme

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Arithmetic Paper 2 – Mark Scheme

Year 6 Science




Forces A

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Autumn Term 2020

In English, our writing will be linked to these stories, some of which are linked to The Power of Reading :

Small Things: Amazon.co.uk: Tregonning, Mel: 9781742379791: Books         The Red Tree: Amazon.co.uk: Tan, Shaun: Books          The Houdini Box: Amazon.co.uk: Selznick, Brian: 9781416968788: Books

Using these amazingly illustrated and thought-provoking texts for inspiration, we will be writing diaries, letters, and character conversations, as well as writing and exploring biographies and autobiographies. Within these writing units, we will be exploring spelling,grammar and punctuation objectives from both the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum.


Each week, children will learn new spelling patterns, homophones and a selection of words from the statutory Year 5 and 6 list, through a range of strategies, to become confident, skilful spellers. Weekly each child will bring home their own short list of words to work on and their success will be assessed randomly via dictation and challenges.


Our aim is to instil a passion for reading within even the most reluctant of children and a wide range of texts will be explored across the Year 6 curriculum, including within whole class and guided reading sessions. Our current class story has already captured imaginations and provoked discussion:

Even in Year 6, reading out loud is vital, if children are to be able to fluently read challenging texts. We are encouraging children to read at home as much as possible (both out loud and to themselves), whether they are reading their own books or those chosen from school and the expectation is that children will read for at least 20 minutes each day. We are hoping children will bring in a photo of them reading in the most exciting of places, for display in our comfy, cosy reading ” chill out” zone.

Science and Topic

This term we will be exploring key objectives from the International Primary Curriculum units:

Brain waves

Our brain is special because we can use it to learn lots of new and different things every day, enabling us to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding that we will need to become successful adults. By finding out more about how we learn, and how we can improve the way that we learn, we will be better equipped for meeting the many challenges ahead of us.

Being Human

Your body is designed to help you to breathe, move, eat, respond, reproduce and live. But how do the different parts of your body function and how are humans different from other animals? Let’s find out.


As detailed above, the expectation is for children to read and practise spellings daily. In addition, later in the term, children will be set weekly homework tasks to practise key skills. The children will be advised when it is due in, as all homework will be discussed and marked together during lesson time. Additional support will be available for those who need it.


Both weekly P.E. sessions will be on a Friday (when all children should come to school dressed in their P.E. kit) but each focusing on diverse skills: one with a Grimsby Town PE coach and the other delivered by the class teacher. As it is envisage all P.E. will take place outside for the foreseeable future, on Friday all children need to wear a suitable tracksuit and trainers. Please ensure that girls have long hair tied back. The intention is for children to enjoy some form of outside physical activity every day so it would be helpful for children to keep an additional pair of trainers at school.

We believe that it is in the best interest of the children to create strong links between home and school. As such, please do not hesitate to come and see one of our team if you have any questions or concerns at all.