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The Year 6 team is made up of Mrs Walmsley, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clover, Mr Harness, Ms Heighton and Mrs Wilkinson.

Hello Everyone,
It is so hard to believe that we are already half way through our final term of the year. In school,we have had some fantastic weeks : working hard on  interesting and creative projects, whilst playing lots of sports and enjoying being back together again. Of course, we miss those of you who have not joined us but hope you are enjoying lots of fun in the sun (while taking care too ) and are still putting aside some time each day to keep up your learning. There is a mass of ideas and resources detailed below for you to try but I have added a few more in case you are running out. Check out the science quizzes I’ve added.How much of the Year 6 science learning have you mastered?  I hope to see you soon and ,until then, take care.   Mrs Walmsley
02.07.20  Below is a super assembly video focusing on transition to secondary school. Check it out!

Hi Everyone,
Summer term 2 begins tomorrow and some of us will be back in school. For those of you who are not joining us just yet, I hope you are well and enjoying the lovely weather. I will be calling during the week beginning 8th June to catch up and look forward to speaking to you then. I have added some more resources below in case you are running out or need some inspiration but please don’t forget to try some of the links I have added previously too. Although it has been a while, I hope you are still enjoying your learning and trying to complete some learning tasks most days. I would love to know what you have chosen tackle and how you are getting along. Please get in touch using the contact form below if I can help at all or you want to share any of your home learning; I will continue to check daily.                                                                                                                Stay safe and happy.  Mrs Walmsley
Hello again Everyone,
It was lovely to talk to so many parents and children this week and great to know you are all staying well, positive and working hard. For those I couldn’t reach, if I can help at all,please email me on the class contact link below and I will be in touch.
As two weeks have passed,I have added a range of new English,maths and reading suggestions,which you may like to choose from. Please do not feel you must complete everything; I am simply trying to make it easier for you to find suitable and varied learning,which you will hopefully find interesting. Some of you have started exploring your own topic choices:that is great to hear! If you are looking for something new, you can find a range of ideas and challenges on the science,topic,art and design links below.Be creative,have fun and ,if you wish to share, email your photos or work to me. Maybe we could start a Year 6                gallery!  Take care and keep in touch.                                                                                           Mrs Walmsley
Hello Everyone,  I so hope you are all really well and are managing to enjoy your time at home:having fun with your family and finding interesting and exciting things to do. As we are not able to start our Summer term learning together, I have added some new ideas and suggestions onto our home learning section below. It would be great if you could tackle 2 or 3 different learning tasks most days.If you need any help or advice,want to share your success or simply want to say,”Hello!” you can contact me through our class email.You are missed and it would be great to hear what you are getting up to.  Take care.                                                                                                                             Mrs Walmsley                                  

Home Learning


updated 26th June 2020(click green links )
updated 31st May 2020 (click on pink links)
updated 2nd May 2020(click on purple resource links)
updated 16th April 2020 (click on black resource links)


When you have your head stuck in a great book ,you are never lonely or bored and you can teach yourself almost anything. While you are at home, do try to read every single day, to yourself and out loud. You could always ask someone in your family to read to you or find audio books online and just listen. Hopefully,you have many different types of fiction and non-fiction books to read by authors you love and those you are just discovering but in case you are running out here are some ebook links:

ks2 ebooks

ks2 ebooks -oxford owl

audio books

epic ebooks


It is really important to keep practising the key skills we have learnt to understand what we are reading, If you haven’t already done so, you could complete the remaining tasks in your CGP Revision booklets. If those are done, check the link below, which contains so many reading comprehension tasks (some taking an hour, some only 10 minutes).You choose what type of text you would like to interrogate and the subjects that interest you most. Try to analyse a range of fiction,non-fiction and poetry as they all challenge in different ways. A couple each week would be great! 

Reading Answer-Booklet-Fiction


Reading Answer-Booklet-Non-Fiction


Reading Answer-Booklet-Poetry


Mythical Stories from Different Cultures The Story of Theseus and the Minotaur

Eid al-Fitr Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

All About Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Reading Fiction ,Non-Fiction and Poetry Booklet

Fiction – The Snow Queen

Non-Fiction – Rosa Parks

Poetry – The Tyger

Parents Information

comprehension resources

Fed up of book reviews and reading comprehensions then why not choose a READING CHALLENGE for the menu below ? Create a comic strip, a book in a bag or a board game (to name just a few) to persuade others to enjoy the books you love the most.

challenge menu


*two weeks of writing, grammar and punctuation linked to diary and report writing

Hamilton Trust English_Y6_Week_10_

Hamilton English_Y6_Week_11

spag-activity mat 5


Classroom Secrets maths and English Year-6-Week-3

Classroom Secrets maths and English Year-6-Week-4


 The Last Warrior

The Double Act




*two week of writing,grammar and punctuation linked to Eric written by Shaun Tan

Hamilton Trust English Y6 Week 7

Hamilton Trust English_Y6_Week_8

*character diaries,a newspaper article, a persuasive letter and play script based around a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood

Twist the Text Writing Challenge Cards

Twist the Text ebook

*grammar and punctuation practise

Year-6 Classroom Secrets Wk 1 Home-Learning-Pack

Year-6 Classroom Secrets Wk1 Answers

Year-6 Classroom Secrets Wk2 Answers

Year-6 Classroon Secrets Wk2 Home-Learning-Pack

Year-6 Summer Term 1 mat 3

Year-6 Summer Term 1 mats 4


Year 6 Spellings in sentences

Year 6 spellings word jumbles

*a week of writing,grammar and punctuation (including study of the amazing poem The Highwayman)

Hamilton Trust English Y6 Summer Week 6 Instructions,explanation and character profile

*description writing linked to an adventure story

The Dual World of Anders Arnfield ebook

The Dual World of Anders Arnfield-descriptive-writing-challenge-cards

*Save Our Habitat

*Superman’s Dilemma

*Grammar and Punctuation practise

Y6 Summer term-1 mat 1

Y6 Summer-term-1 mat 2


Year 6 spellings alphabetical order

Year 6 spellings definitions

Spelling Activity Booklet (incl answers)

* 2 weeks of writing,grammar and punctuation all linked to the Harry Potter books

Hamilton Trust English Y6 Summer Week 1_

Hamilton Trust English Y6 Summer Week_2

*re-write a mystery story, use it to write your own or choose from a selection of writing challenges 

The Curse of Cogston House ebook

The Curse of Cogston House writing-challenge-cards


*masterclasses by successful children’s authors – authorfy

year 6 grammar and punctuation checklists

*Grammar and punctuation quizzes


*CGP Revision booklet 2 week timetable including spelling

20th April English Week 3 and 4 Year 6 Home Learning

*continue learning Year 5 and 6 statutory words (see Spring resources too)






Arithmetic crossword

Arithmetic Paper 1 – Mark Scheme

Arithmetic Paper 1

Arithmetic Paper 2 – Mark Scheme

Arithmetic Paper 2

How is the practise going? Will you be our Year 6 Champion? (see Spring below)











Daily 10

fluency quizzes

times tables games

Reasoning and Problem Solving 

Hamilton Trust Maths_Y6_Week_5

Hamilton Trust Maths_Y6_Week_6


Year_6_FDP_Order_FDP Year_6_FDP_



Year-6-Maths Geometry and Shape

All Kinds of Word Problems on Fractions and Decimals

Year 6 All Kinds of Word Problems on Number and Place Year 6

*week of lessons:area,scale problems,scaling shapes,volume of cubes and cuboids and % of amounts

Hamilton Trust Maths_Y6_Week_3

*week of lessons :comparison of fractions,ratio, quadrilaterals and circles

Hamilton Trust Maths_Y6_Week_4

*daily on-line lessons

BBC Bitesize maths, English and topic

National Academy online maths lessons

daily online lessons and follow up tasks

All Kinds of Word Problems on Division – Year 6

All Kinds of Word Problems on Multiplication Year 6

Let’s Practise Telling The Time

Where did they go wrong?

Were you right?

Y6 Maths Games And Activities Pack

problems of the day

bar model problems

Summer Themed Maths Activity Booklet

All Kinds of Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction – Year 6

20th April Maths Summer Week 1 and 2 Year 6 CGP Revision 



How much of Year 6 science learning do you know?

Forces A

Forces B



Y6 Living-things-and-their-habitats-end-of-unit-science-assessment



Y6 Science-Knowledge-Organiser-Animals-including-humans

Y5 Science-Knowledge Organiser-Forces

Y6 Science-Knowledge-Organiser Light

Y6 Science-Knowledge-Organiser-Electricity

Our super summer-time science unit is all about you.Below are lots of linked research and investigation activities. As with the previous unit,do not feel you have to do every challenge set. Dip in and out or go off at a tangent to an area that takes your interest.

*The Art of Being Human – biology focused unit

Human biology – learning tasks, resources and links

Living things and their habitats

Below are lots of research and investigation activities linked to this super unit. Do not feel you have to do every challenge set. Dip in and out or go off at a tangent to an area that takes your interest.

Classification-connoisseurs- learning tasks / links /resources

Living things and their habitats – Year 6 Unit

Activities linked to all Year 6 science units

explorify -activities,investigations, video links

bbc bitesize science 



Dinosaurs and fossils

Dinosaurs and fossils- tasks, resources and links

The Magical Mayans

Mayans – lesson ideas/resources/ teaching links

age-10-11 weekly learning pack week 1

age 10-11 weekly learning pack week 2



Ideas galore!!! Learn new drawing and painting skills. Study ways to make a sculpture. Research famous artists- Banksy, Monet,Kandinski to name a few- and decide which you like. Can they inspire you to create your own masterpiece?

art and design – bbc bitesize ks2 

art skills, creative ideas and famous artists to study



How fast should your buggy be? How will you store your favourite things? Does this game stop you being bored?  Just a few of the design challenges you might choose. Create your idea, plan, make, evaluate and perfect your design. Can you make a product that fits the brief?

KS2 design projects

                                                                                                                   SPRING TERM

All children have a full set of revision booklets to work in and are asked to complete ALL of the work set. Children may choose to complete more sections, if they wish. This currently applies for the first 2 weeks absence.

Click here to access the timetable

Writing Tasks – Have a go at some of these:

Don’t forget to use your Grammar and Punctuation Checklist

Year 6 Spelling

I know how Year 6 just love spelling so here are some resources to help you crack on and complete the statutory Year 5 and 6 list (all 104 words). Lots of you have many under your belt already. While you are learning at home, continue to choose 7 new words to learn each week. Test yourself to begin so you know with which words you are already secure; those can be scored off straight away! Practice the remaining words every day (for 10-15 minutes) using a range of strategies and tasks including looking up their meaning. Check out the Spellzone and Spelling Frame sites: on those you can create your own word lists, which will be transferred into a range of games for you to access. Also, on the Twinkl site, they have a set of activities for each word, which may help for those you find tricky. At the end of the week, ask someone to test you. Can you get them all learnt by the time we see each other again? If you have any questions just get in touch using the contact Mrs Walmsley form. I’d love to hear how you are getting on.

Your CGP books give you lots of spelling rules to practice. Below you will find posters for the rules for the Year 6 spelling patterns, which should help you work successfully…have fun exploring!

Year 5 and 6 Word List

Spelling Rules Posters

Activity Sheet – Correct the Mistakes

Spelling Fun Activities/Ideas – 1

Spelling Fun Activities/Ideas – 2

Year 6 Maths


Year 6, are you up to the challenge? Full marks in 30 minutes!!

This is no mean feat but you have all worked really hard to improve your mental maths skills and I think you are ready! Do you?

  1. Complete one of the attached papers (in test conditions) noting your time. Use the answer sheet to work out your areas to work on: perhaps get an adult to help with this bit. No cheating now!!
  2. For between 3 and 5 days, practise the objectives you find tricky. On the Topmarks site you will find a range of great games including Daily 10, which is a range of mental maths games including Speed Challenge (our favourite). Try the ixl site, as it also contains interactive questions for all the Year 6 mental maths objectives. On Snappy Maths, you will find games and mini-tests. Also, there will be pages in your CGP books you can tackle and I’ve attached some Code-Crackers.
  3. At the end of the week, try the same test again. Were you quicker? Did you get a higher score? Are there any objectives you need help with? Please let me know through Year 6’s contact page.
  4. Try again next week ! If you got full marks, can you do it again?

Who is going to be our Year 6 Arithmetic Champion? Come on…it might be YOU!!


Your skills are developing well Year 6 but you need to keep working on them every day. With an adult, check out the following:

  1. Each day, White Rose (see the Home Learning link on our Coronavirus Information page) are putting out a recorded maths lesson for the objectives children should be covering at this time of year. Each lesson has follow-up activities which can be printed or accessed on-line (together with answers!) The lessons form a block building up skills over one or two weeks so accessing one each day is the ideal way. They are planning to add new lessons each week.
  2. At the bottom of the White Rose Home Learning page, you can also access a Power Maths textbook (on line) which will include more work on the same objectives. Under their Resources tab, you can also find their Year 6 scheme of work, which will have more linked tasks. When I publish our next timetable of work to be completed in your C.G.P. revision books, I will include work linked to the objectives covered in these on-line lessons.
  3. On the White Rose Resource tab, you will find Problems of the Day, similar to the ones we have been doing in school. They don’t have answers but you can always send a Contact Page email to me. If you run out, I have 2 more sets I can post!!
  4. On the White Rose Resource tab, they have something called Barvember. We have not used these before but we have spent ages developing our use of bar models. These would provide great opportunities to practise!!
  5. Have a go at the Spring Maths Activity Book

Links to Maths resources

Arithmetic Paper 1

Arithmetic Paper 2

Arithmetic Paper 3

Code Crackers – Decimals

Code Crackers – Percentages

Spring Maths Activity Booklet

Spring Maths Activity Booklet – ANSWERS


Year 6 Topic/Science

Interactive Learning Links


The Year 6 Page

In English, our writing will be linked to these stories, which are linked to The Power of Reading :

Image result for the viewer             Image result for amazon Rose Blanche

Through Rose’s story, we will be considering the effects of the Second World War upon children both at home and in Germany.



Our aim is to instil a passion for reading within even the most reluctant of children and a wide range of texts will be explored across the Year 6 curriculum, including within whole class and guided reading sessions.


Even in Year 6, reading out loud is vital, if children are to be able to fluently read challenging texts.We are encouraging children to read at home as much as possible (both out loud and to themselves), whether they are reading their own books or those chosen from school.For every 25 adult signatures within a child’s reading diary (acknowledging a home reading session), they will receive a certificate and raffle tickets for our prize draw. We are also hoping children will bring in a photo of them reading in the most exciting of places, for display in our comfy, cosy reading ” chill out” zone.


Each week, children will learn new spelling patterns, homophones and a selection of words from the statutory Year 5 and 6 list, through a range of strategies, to become confident, skilful spellers.Each child will bring home their own short list of words to work on and their success will be assessed randomly via dictation and challenges.


This term we will be focusing on Light, Forces and Adaptation.


This term, in preparation for SATs, the children will receive an assortment of revision homework (mostly to complete during the week) across the core subjects. The children will be advised when it is due in, as all homework will be discussed and marked together during lesson time. Additional support is available most lunchtimes for those who need it.


This spring term, children will have two PE sessions both on a Wednesday but each focusing on diverse skills: one with a Grimsby Town PE coach and the other with a dance coach  . For PE children are expected to wear a white t-shirt, dark shorts and plimsolls when we are indoor, and tracksuit bottoms and trainers when outdoor. Please ensure that girls have long hair tied back and that they have spare socks in their bag for the days they are wearing tights!

We believe that it is in the best interest of the children to create strong links between home and school. As such, please do not hesitate to come and see one of our team if you have any questions or concerns at all.