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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page.  Our class teacher is Mr Lucas!

Year 6 Routines

Reading – We listen to each child read during one to one reading sessions every week. Children are also expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a night. Their reading diary’s must be signed and returned to school each day to be signed by the teacher. Children are encouraged to read a chapter a night, rather than a page or two. This is simply to prepare them for the quantity of reading expected during their secondary education. Children can read books from home or from school; if they have a book that they do not like I encourage them to change it!

Spellings – Spellings are sent home on Wednesday and then tested the following Wednesday. All spellings are listed in the National Curriculum as words all children must know by the end of year 6, so practising is essential.

Homework – Homework books are sent home on Fridays and are due in the following Tuesday. All homework will have been covered in class, however if your child is still unsure how to complete it they can come to me on Monday so I can recap ready for the hand in the following day.

PE – PE takes place each Wednesday with a sports coach and Thursday with me. For PE children are expected to wear a white t-shirt, dark shorts and plimsolls when we are indoor, and tracksuit bottoms and trainers when outdoor.

Staffing – Mr Lucas teaches the class Monday to Friday each week. Mrs Jones is the year six Teaching Assistant and she works with the most of the week.

Our topics covered in Year 6 are:

Autumn 1

History AD900 (History – Mayan and Islamic Empires)

Autumn 2

Brainwave (Science – Human mind)

Spring 1

Out of Africa (Science – Evolution)

Spring 2

Fairgrounds (Science – Forces, Light and Sound)

Summer 1

Being Human (Science – Human Body)

Summer 2

Being Human (Science – Human Body)


In December 2016, year 6 went on an exciting trip to the Lincoln Ice Rink! We had a great time, even if we did sustain some bruises along the way!


To end our fantastic topic on the Ancient Mayan civilisation, we hosted a fun-packed exit point with the rest of KS2. During the event, we set up stalls showing off our learning and passing our new-found knowledge to our family and friends. We had stalls explaining: the history of the Mayans; how to write and read in Mayan; details of the sacrificial rituals; and we even set up a stall allowing people to try their hand – or should I say hip – at the famous Mayan Ball Game!

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