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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Two Week Isolation Work Pack:

In the event of having to isolate due to Covid-19, please see below for some work packs and sheets to work through to help support your child while at home. Below you can find resources for a range of subjects.

Pobble – The Shadow
Pobble – Sun City

English Revision Workbook 

Poetry booklet
Question/Answer booklet 
Mark Scheme

Non-fiction booklet
Question/Answer booklet
Mark Scheme

Multi-step word problems
Negative number activity
Negative numbers and temperatures
Negative numbers through zero
Addition and Subtraction (4-digits)
Addition and Subtraction (5-digits)

Animal Adaptation activity sheet
Animal Adaptation fact sheet
Animal Adaptation research sheet
Animal Characteristics
Animals and their habitats reading

Science revision booklet



Year 5 Routines:

Staffing – Miss Watkins is the Class Teacher and will be supported by Mrs Poulter. Mr Harness shall also be providing 1:1 support in the classroom.

Reading – Each day your child will bring home their independent reading book. Your child is expected to read for at least 20 minutes each day, to support we encouraged this to be logged in their Home-School contact book so that we know reading has been completed.  These will be signed by Miss Watkins every Friday. They children will be able to change the book as often as they want as long as they have completed a book review. The class also have access for a wide range of books in our classroom reading corner and in our school library.

English – In Year 5, English is taught through the Power of Reading programme and the national curriculum expectation for spelling, grammar and punctuation, or ‘SPaG’. Outcomes are differentiated in the class as expectations are different for different groups. The children work to an orange, blue or yellow success criteria. The writing expectations for these criteria’s can be found below and used at home to support homework or other learning. 

Pink SC      Blue SC     Green SC

Homework – Homework books will be sent home on a Friday.  Homework is sent home weekly and will be a mixture of Spelling, English and Maths work.  Please make sure that you return the books to school by the following Friday.

P.E. – PE will be on a Friday with GTFC coaching.  Please make sure that your children comes to school in weather appropriate P.E. kit. On a Wednesday, we will have a ‘Wednesday Walk’ where the class and the staff will walk a mile around our school field. As we all know, exercise is good for our health and well-being!


The Science and Topics covered in Year 5 are:

PSHE & Wellbeing

This year our school are focussing how we can ensure that everyone is taking care of their mind and their wellbeing. We have been looking at, in our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ worships, the five ways to well being. We have introduced a new way of teaching PSHE this year; this is called Jigsaw.In our classroom we have an area for us to take some time to reflect on our wellbeing and where we can keep our minds calm. We also have an emotions board for us to reflect on our we are feeling and talk to a Mood Monitor if we need too! This could be positive, or maybe when we need a little ‘pick me up’ when we are feeling a bit blue. We are using our emotions board very effectively and can add any new emotions on throughout the year!

Wider School Community

In Year 5, we have lots of exciting opportunities within our school.

Some of us are able to be a part of the school Mini Police, School Council, Faith Followers and Junior Online Safety Officers!