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Year 5

We are Year 5!


Year 5 Routines


Reading – We will listen to your child read in our library groups or whole class reading at least once per week. Your child may also read to an adult on a one to one basis during the week.  Each day your child will bring home their independent reading book. Your child is expected to read for at least 20 minutes each day, to support this we would encourage you to read with your child daily and log this in their Home-School contact book so that we know reading has been completed.  These will be signed by Miss Watkins every Friday. They will be able to change the book as often as they want as long as they have completed a book review.

The class also have access for a wide range of books in our classroom reading corner and in our school library.

Spellings – Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday and they will be checked on the following Wednesday in a spelling test. Your child will need to bring their spelling book into school every day as they will have an opportunity to practise spellings.

Homework – Homework books will be sent home on a Wednesday.  Homework is sent home at the beginning of term and will be a mixture of Topic, English and Maths work.  Please make sure that you return the books to school by the following Wednesday. To find out this terms homework please click the link.

 Autumn 1 Homework

PE – PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday.  Please make sure that your child has a white t-shirt, dark shorts and plimsolls. On a Wednesday, PE will be led by a PE coach. Please note that in Spring Term 1 there shall be no P.E on Monday as we have the exciting opportunity to work with the dance teacher on a Wednesday morning.

Staffing – Miss Watkins is the Class Teacher and will be supported by Mrs Wray. Mrs Clover shall also be providing support in the classroom along with Miss Heighton and Mr Harness.

Work to be proud of!

In Year 5 we take pride in our work. If we are particularly proud of
one of our pieces of work we can take a ‘selfie’ of it.

This means Miss Watkins can take a copy of our work for us to bring home.
We can then enter the hall of fame and may be chosen as the… SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK.



Our topics covered in Year 5 are:

Autumn 1

Space Explorers

Autumn 2

3D Designers

Spring 1

The Great, the Bold and the Brave

Spring 2

Making new materials.

Summer 1

What a Wonderful World

Summer 2

Water for Everyone

Our class book is…


He’s been to the White House. (He hasn’t).

He likes to eat dog food. (He doesn’t).

His only friends are toy animals. (Well, actually…)

No one likes Bradley.

No one, that is, except the new boy, Jeff, and the school counsellor, Carla. They appreciate his far-fetched stories. They think he’s kind and generous. If only Bradley felt the same way. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourself.

‘One of the best and toughest books in recent years’ 


Space Explorers

OUR MISSION: The International Space Station are running low on vital supplies. The Year 5’s must think of a way to send these supplies from Earth to the crew! But, the teams only have the most basic tools…


  • In English, we have been using talk counters to make sure we are sharing lots of ideas when describing a scene. This has helped us maximise the contributions made in our lesson and the ideas that are shared!


Before Christmas, Year 5 took the time in English to watch and write about a dark and moving animation called ‘Sometimes the stars’. We were so proud of our published pieces – some of them can be found in our school corridor on display!


This term we are focussing on our book; There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom! We cannot wait for you to see some of our writing this term. We have been looking at writing from a characters perspective; that character is Carla, the school counsellor. In English, we have been thinking about what her first impressions of Bradley Chalkers might have been.













  • PSHE & Wellbeing This year our school are focussing how we can ensure that everyone is taking care of their mind and their wellbeing. We have been looking at, in our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ worships, the five ways to well being. These are: GIVE, CONNECT, TAKE NOTICE, BE ACTIVE AND KEEP LEARNING.

In our classroom we have an area for us to take some time to reflect on our wellbeing and where we can keep our minds calm. 

We also have an emotions board for us to reflect on our we are feeling and talk to a Mood Monitor if we need too! This could be positive, or maybe when we need a little ‘pick me up’ when we are feeling a bit blue.

We are using our emotions board very effectively and can add any new emotions on throughout the year!





  • TOPIC Our new topic this term is 3D Designers. We have been looking at iconic buildings from around the world and sourcing what they are made from and for what purpose they were built. Further in to the term, we shall be designing our own 3D buildings with cross curricula links to R.E.

In Year 5, we have lots of exciting opportunities within our school.

Some of us are able to be a part of the school Mini Police, School Council, Faith Followers and Junior Online Safety Officers.