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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page.


The class teacher is Mr Braddish.


Home learning

In the event of a forced school closure or a period of self isolation, please use the following links to aid with your child’s home learning. There is a mixture of English and maths tasks, as well as the current Tudor homework to complete. The expectation is that your child should complete a couple of tasks per day, depending on their needs. These tasks are to be completed in the home learning exercise book the children have been given.

Thank you for your continued support.


ALERT –   Battle of  the Classes Part II

On Thursday 21st May, I have challenged Year 4 to a Battle of the Classes on Times Table Rockstars. The battle is between 11 and 12. It would lovely to see as many of you as possible to join the battle and beat Year 4! Press the Times Table Rockstars logo above to join. It would great to see more join in this week. Good luck year 3, you can do it!!

Battle of the Classes Part II

Winners: Year 4


You win some you lose some. Congratulations to year 4 they were deserved winners. A great effort from year 3, we were so close. Keep your eyes peeled for another battle!  Well done and keep up the great work year 3.


Battles of the Classes Year 2 vs Year 3

Winners: Year 3!

We won the Battle of the Classes. I have to say it was very close, so well done to year 2 for putting up such an amazing fight. Keep looking to see if there are new battles coming up. Maybe ask your friends to join next time? 

Update : 01.07.2020

Hello year 3. We fast approaching the end of the school year and I hope you are all well, being caring, considerate and helping around the home. I am updating the web page with some more work, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, the new work will be be highlighted in orange. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our ‘get together’. It will amazing to see you all again. 



Update: 01.06.2020

Hello Year 3. I hope you taking advantage of this amazing weather, make sure you try to get out and enjoy your surroundings. I have started to update the home learning resources, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for more things to do, these will be purple in colour. Parents, please feel free to contact me below if there is anything that you need. 

Take care

Mr Braddish


Update: 07.05.2020

Bonjour Year 3! It was lovely speaking to so many of you last week and hearing of all the lovely things you have been getting up to. I was very proud to be your teacher. We are all still missing you all, and  I hope it wont be too much longer till you are back in school. 

I have added some more resources below. These resources are to help and there is no expectation that these need to be completed in any time frame, they are there to help and if you want to use anything else that is great. The new updated resources are in green. If there is anything you need, or want to say hi then please feel free to contact me below and I will get back to as soon as possible. Please look after yourselves and remind your parents/children that they are doing a fantastic job. 

Mr Braddish


Update : 14.04.2020

Hello Year 3! I hope you are all well and being helpful at home. Mrs Dumpleton, Miss Mendham and myself are missing you all in school and hope to see you very soon. I have added more resources for you to work through. Again, it is a mixture of maths, English, reading and topic subjects. Enjoy and happy learning!

Take care,

Mr Braddish


Summer term resources



Man on the Moon setting description

The Coming Storm

The Hole in the Fence

The Wise Old Owl



Writing Guides

Author writing masterclasses

Story writing prompts

Persuasive writing prompts

Diary entry day 1       Diary entry day 2         Diary 3 day 3

Fantastic Mr Fox writing day 1    Fantastic Mr Fox writing day 2    Fantastic Mr Fox writing day 3     

Prepositions day 1    Prepositions day 2

Dialogue lessons PowerPoint  Dialogue Teacher notes  Dialogue Day 1  Dialogue Day 2   Dialogue Day 3

Harry Potter tour – Opinions     Harry Potter virtual tour review

Film review

Book review

Queen of the Birds

King of the Birds

King of the Birds Day 2




Welcome to the world of JIBO the world’s first household robot!

First, I would like you to watch the advert for JIBO

Once you have watched the video, then make a spider diagram telling me all the features of JIBO. Do this on the following sheet JIBO features sheet. Then move onto designing your own household robot. What could it do to make life easier for your parents or you? use the next sheet to design it Design your own household robot. Once you have completed this then you could make a poster to advertise your robot, try and persuade people to buy it. Perhaps you could also make a model of your robot using things around the home. Good luck and enjoy!


We are going to write a fantasy story about a character who enters a wardrobe and ends up in a magical place. Watch the clip and use the daily tasks to write your epic stories.

Day 1 – entering the wardrobe

Day 2 – describing your new world

Day 3 – adding new characters

Day 4 – the quest

Day 5 – victory and returning home


Using the pictures below, can you create a story or a poem? Try and base your poem or story from the  perspective of a character. 

 Story/poem pictures


Nonsense poems – take an everyday task or situation, for example: brushing your teeth, making toast, having your breakfast and change the words to make it complete nonsense. Maybe ask someone in your house to guess what the situation was. Use the sheet below to help you. 

Nonsense poem help sheet


Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors

There is lots you can do with this video, watch a few times and look below for some ideas. Good luck and enjoy!

  • Write character profiles for the 3 main characters.
  • Compare and contrast the character traits.
  • Write a description of paper from the point of view of Rock.
  • Think about the game and how Rock could defeat scissors.
  • Create a wanted poster for Scissors.
  • Create models of each character out of suitable materials, e.g. origami for paper and clay for rock.
  • Create setting descriptions for each character’s home.
  • Write the story from the point of view of each character.
  • Write the dialogue between Rock and Paper when he tried to persuade her to come with him.
  • Add tension to the narrative for the chase and battle scenes.
  • Focus on story endings, starting when Paper wakes up. 
  • Write ‘Origins’ stories for each of them, where have they come from? How where they created?



Reading tasks

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps 2

Treasure Map – Answer booklet

Reading booklet

Answer booklet

Marking scheme

Brilliant Book List

Reading with your child – Top tips

Audio books

Newspaper – Back to Earth reading

Garden birds reading

Mars – The Red Planet reading comprehension

Mythical creatures reading comprehension

How weeds get everywhere – Reading comprehension

Alice in Wonderland reading comprehension task

The Old Rail Yard reading comprehension

Reading comprehension pack



Year 3 and 4 spelling

Handwriting 1

Handwriting 2

Handwriting 3

Handwriting 4

Handwriting activity booklet



Mini Maths

Maths Zone

Times tables

Times Table Rockstars (If they need their login, please contact me below)

Maths Booklet

Adding and subtraction booklet

Multiplication and division booklet

Mystery game

Carol Vorderman free maths lessons

Maths home learning lessons

Number values

Understanding money



Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 1

Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 2

Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 3

Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 4

Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 5

Fluent in 5 – mental arithmetic week 6

Measuring mass

Comparing mass

Measuring capacity

Adding and subtracting capacity

Reasoning and problem solving 1

Reasoning and problem solving 2

Reasoning and problem solving 3

Reasoning and problem solving 4

Reasoning and problem solving 5



Reading, writing and maths learning booklet

Learning booklet


Year 3 interactive ideas

Interactive ideas

Mr Braddish’s Challenges


PE/Healthy mind

Joe Wicks Daily Workout

Cosmic Yoga

Just Dance



Myleene Klass music classes



Art projects

Animal symmetry art



Chocolate homework tasks

Science – Forces task

Science – Magnets task

Science – Light

Science – Light

Science – Plants

Science – Plants task

Science Learning Pack

Mini ecosystem in a bottle

Mouldy bread experiment

Fun with density

Fireworks in a glass

National Geographic Kids – resources

National Geographic Kids – Games

Science quizzes


Enjoy the highlights of the recent SpaceX launch. It was historic as it was the first trip to the International Space Station by a private company. 

How cool was that!!! Now you could find out about:

     The SpaceX project

                                        The International Space Station

       The Solar System

        Or even the Universe!

Enjoy and try to be creative. You could always send me pictures of your work on the contact form or through the school email address. 



Design your own island

About my island

World Geography Games



Spring term resources


Maths and grammar tasks

Times table games

Maths and English tasks

Guidance and answer booklets


English writing tasks

Writing tasks

Year 3 writing guides


Reading comprehension tasks

Reading comprehension booklets

Reading comprehension answer booklets

Reading comprehension mark scheme


Practical ideas

Year 3 Routines

Reading In Year 3, the children read every week with an adult during group reading. Children bring their independent reading books everyday as we like to read at every opportunity. Everyone has a reading record where adults and children can comment on what has been read each time they read. Every child is encouraged to read daily to enhance their fluency and comprehension. Once they finish a book, the children need to ask a parent to sign their reading diary.

Spellings – Spellings are given out on a Monday and are tested on the Friday. The children are expected to practice their spellings at home.

Homework – Homework books are sent home on a Wednesdays. The weeks homework is to be returned by the following Monday this is to ensure there is enough time for children to complete their tasks. Homework is a mixture of Topic, Maths and English. Please click on the link to access this terms homework.


Tudor Homework


PE – PE is on Tuesday and Friday.

Staffing – In Year 3 we work with our Teaching Assistants Mrs Dumpleton and Miss Mendham

Our topics in Year 3 are:

Autumn 1 & Autumn 2 Active Planet (Geography/Science/History)
Spring 1 Scavengers and Settlers (History)
Spring 2  The Tudors
Summer 1 Chocolate
Summer 2 Gateways to the World (Geography)

Our class book is …


The House at Pooh Corner

‘In that enchanted place on the top of the forest a little boy and his bear will always be playing.’

Join Pooh, Piglet and all their friends in the Hundred Acre Wood in this collection of stories about the Bear for All Ages – in which Tigger finds out what Tiggers like to eat, Piglet does a Very Grand Thing and Pooh invents a new game.


Our Year…

We have been enjoying World Book Day. The children have had a great day being dressed up and showing their love for books!



In the Power of Reading, we have been reading The Green Ship. The book follows two children who discover a ship made from bushes and hedges. Today, we were posed with the question. Should humans interfere with nature? The class created a conscious alley and we had a debate, arguing for and against. 




We had a great time at Magna Science Adventure Centre. The children had a wonderful time and were a credit to the school. 

We have had a lovely morning of reading. Lots of parents and grandparents took the time out to read with children in the class. 



We are currently constructing our own Stone Age houses. We have taken inspiration from the houses found at Skara Brae.



This term, we have had the fantastic opportunity to get our dancing shoes on and enjoy learning dance routines to the Lion King.



We have been looking a the prehistoric cave painting of the Lascaux caves in France. We have been trying to create our own for our new topic.




Our finished Tin Forest creations…



Today, we found out the title of our reading book. We cannot contain our excitement…

We  are now in the process of creating our own tin forests. Here is a selection of pictures showing the class making the forests using tin foil and pipe cleaners. 



In French, we have been learning key words and phrases to enable us to have a conversation with someone. Today,we put this into practice and had our own conversations in French.



In RE this term, we have been focusing on Hinduism.  As a class we have looked at their special festivals, in particular the festival of Diwali, which is the festival of light. To show our understanding of this festival we made special lanterns.



In our English lessons, we have been reading a book about a man made of iron. We have just discovered that a monster has landed in Australia! We have been writing newspaper reports to tell the world that we have been invaded.


This week, we have been exploring rocks. The class have been putting them into different categories. They never thought rocks could be this much fun!



Year 3 have been showing off their sewing skills making sea creatures for our display. We did this to highlight the effects of plastic in the sea.



We have been playing basketball and improving our place value knowledge at the same time.



In English, we have been reading a mystery book about a man made of iron. The children had perform an extract from the book using actions and their voices.


Disaster struck today at North Somercotes! A volcano erupted nearby and with 100’s of casualties our school was chosen as a disaster relief centre. Luckily our year 3’s were able to look after the victims.




In maths, we have been busy finding different ways of making 100 using our equipment. 


We had a great time with A.F.Harrold, we listened to him performing some poetry, created our own and we didn’t stop laughing!



Our first afternoon in year 3 and we have been having fun with perspective photography. The children loved it!