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This year we have embarked on an exciting new project that has seen us link up with a number of schools in Lincolnshire and with the British Film Institute. We have been able to give 11 children from year 6 the opportunity to learn about the early pioneers of film through to the exciting new blockbusters of today and how they are made.

The la Cinemateque Francaise allows children from all over the world to engage in film as part of their learning.  Each year they choose a theme that the children need to follow. This years theme is places and stories. Eventually, they will work towards creating their own 8 minute piece of cinematic history. Along the way the children will improve their skills with a series of exercises.


Sensory cinema 

This year, the topic for film club is senses in cinema. We will investigating how different camera angles, sounds and images can affect your senses when watching cinema. Have a look at the amazing films we have created so far.





We have been asked to participate in a blog for the Cinémathèque Française. If you would like to have a look at our school and others around the world please use the following link


North Somercotes blog


We have finally completed filming on our new feature film (Flowers). The film follows two girls as their lives momentarily collide. One is an apprentice florist, the other is a thief. When one girl steals from the other, both are dragged into a chase across town, but their destination is not what you’d expect.


London July 2019

On Monday 24th June Rose, Jessica, Charlotte, and Harry traveled to London to showcase our film at the BFI on the Southbank. The children were fantastic and a credit to the school. After the show case we walked to British Museum and saw some amazing sights.


Paris June 2019

We have just returned from showcasing our film at the La Cinematheque Francaise. There were over 200 schools from countries all over the world. After we showed our film the children had a question and answer session. Once we finished in the cinema we were able to explore Paris, seeing all the world famous sites. The children had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school.

Final film

We are currently in production for our final film, that will be shown in Paris and London this year. Please look at the behind the scenes photos below that show an incite into how we work.


This year our brief is to look at situations in film and how they develop through the characters. The choices they make and the consequences that happen as a result. Please enjoy some of the films we have already shot.

Below are a selection of films and events that we participated in last year.


We had a great day at the BFI in London. We watched ourselves on the big screen, answered questions about the film and then walked through London to the British Museum. We are very proud of the children they were fantastic!


Watch the final film made by the children. This film will be shown at the BFI cinema on the Southbank, London and also at the Venue in Lincoln. The children have worked incredibly hard on making this. They are really proud of it. Enjoy!

                         Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is a film that chronicles the adventure of one young girl who, on one ordinary day at school, slowly comes to realise that through one special object it is possible to travel to faraway lands, each filled with magic and wonder, all without leaving her chair.