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Junior Online Safety Officers


We are Eddie, Faye and Maisy and we are proud to be the Junior Online Safety Officers (JOSOs) for North Somercotes CE Primary School for 2019-20. As part of our partnership with Kyra Teaching School we have worked with lots of other schools and the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board to train ourselves so we can help all the children in our school to be safe when using computers and the internet.

Every term we have a different mission to complete as we try and help the children and families in our school to stay safe online. We are looking forward to building on the brilliant work done by last years JOSOs which can still be seen below. Now our training is complete we are going to start our first mission in the Spring term.

2019-20 Missions:

For Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February we gave out a special quiz for children to complete with their parents/carers. Hopefully this will help families understand some of the age restriction that are in place when using technology and why. We also wanted families to talk about being sensible when giving out personal information online. Click the link below to access the quiz.

Safer Internet Day Family Quiz

2018-19 Missions:

While we think technology is brilliant, we also think that some of our friends and family may be spending too much time staring at a screen and that makes us worry!

Do you think you could help everyone manage their ‘Screen Time’ better?

We led a whole school assembly on Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 5th February

PowerPoint Presentation – Screen Time

As part of Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February we handed out leaflets we made to all classes. These gave everyone “Top Tips” managing their “Screen Time”

Click here to read our leaflet


On Friday 29th March we led an assembly for all the KS2 children. We shared a short video showing the children how they should conduct themselves online, as well as giving some advice to stay safe online.



During this assembly we surveyed the children to find out about their online behaviour. We found some very worrying things out so we wrote to the parents of all the children in KS2. Click here to read the letter.

Do you know how old you have to be to access certain social media platforms? We gave out copies of the poster below to all families in KS2.

Age-Restrictions-for-Social-Media Poster