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Erasmus+ Project (ISA)

As our school  seeks to reach beyond its community to support the children to have a better understanding of the wider world, we are, alongside Grimoldby Primary School, a partner of an Erasmus Plus programme 2018-2020, with two schools from Guadeloupe: EEPU Bragelogne from Baie Maihault and Ecole Elementaire Stephane Mathieu from Bananier. Our partnership is centred on the exchange of good practices linked to the theme of  ‘Songs, stories and science from marsh, coast and sea.’ 

Developing the cultural experiences of our children is the prime motivation for us joining this project. The contribution to the development of  our school will be threefold. Firstly, it will lead to increased respect and understanding for cultures and communities beyond Lincolnshire and beyond the UK, and their importance. Secondly, it will support or teaching and learning of the French language, by providing us with a practical and real context for application. Thirdly, it will develop our staff confidence and understanding in how to manage successful collaboration between schools in other countries.

Our journey so far…


In order to celebrate our school’s efforts to include international work as part of our curriculum and to help embed it within the school’s culture, the school has applied for the Accreditation level of the British Council’s International School Award. Here are the assessor’s comments on our application:

“This is an excellent action plan from North Somercotes CE primary school and is approved and I have flagged as an example of best practice. It is clear that you have firmly embedded International and Global learning throughout the school. You have successfully gained Erasmus + funding enabling staff and pupils to work collaboratively with partner schools in Guadeloupe. This is further evidenced by your school website. Well done. You have presented 9 excellent activities that shows how the teaching and learning of issues such as plastic waste can be addressed, as well as creatively learning a foreign language through music and film. I am particularly impressed with Cinematheque activity in which this summer, pupils were invited to showcase their film in Paris and answer questions from children around the world. How amazing! I also like the way French is taught in KS! with the use of a doll from your partner school- again very creative language learning. Again congratulation son a very impressive action plan. I wish you well in the future for all you International and Global work. Bravo! “

ISA Evidence

 The Recycling Anthem

Singing has always been a key component of our Erasmus + international collaboration. Pupils of all ages have joined forces to create a music video about plastic pollution, titled ‘Time for Action’. We hope you enjoy our recycling anthem!

Time for Action Lyrics


Life in Lockdown 

Although the national school closure have made it impossible for us to carry out the many exciting activities we have planned to complete as part of our special partnership with schools in Guadeloupe, we have never stopped thinking about our friends from across the Atlantic. Having learned about the impact of coronavirus on our peers from across the globe, we have been busy creating rainbow pictures to say thank you to all key workers here and around the world, especially in our partner schools in Guadeloupe. It was a great opportunity for our pupils to put their language skills to good use. Thank you to all key workers – you are our heroes. To our friends in Guadeloupe – we will meet again!

  Work Exchange 19/20

Through our involvement in the Erasmus+ Project we  have developed deep and lasting partnerships with schools in Guadeloupe, which are centred on the continuous exchange of work and communications linked to the theme of  ‘Songs, stories and science from marsh, coast and sea.’ Have a look at some of our work.

Recycled Art 19/20

The reciprocal staff exchange visits have been a source of inspiration for all schools involved the ‘Songs, stories and science from marsh, coast and sea’ project. In order to raise awareness of the impact plastic pollution is having on our coastlines, the school community have embraced a range of activities involving the process of recycling materials. In simple terms, we have been on a mission to turn plastic rubbish into something special.

World Book Day –   5.3.20

This year’s World Book Day was extra special. Due to our ongoing work with schools in Guadeloupe and our commitment to lowering waste and increasing awareness, we have encouraged people to think a little more about where the costume came from and challenged everyone to make their costume using sustainable materials. It was wonderful to see an array of incredibly creative costumes made from recycled materials and refashioned clothes. Well done everyone!


National Storytelling Week – February 2020

The children and staff have had a wonderful time celebrating the National Storytelling Week. We marked that week with a number of storytelling based activities, which gave pupils ample opportunities to explore stories from other cultures. We have enjoyed a number of special storytelling assemblies, which focused on stories from around the world, such as  ‘How the kangaroo got her pouch’, ‘The great race’, ‘Fire Children’ , ‘7 Jours en Guadeloupe’ and ‘Choubouloute à l’école’  and ‘Basil le flamant jaune’.

Chinese New Year – January 2020

The Reception class have been learning about how people in China celebrate the New Year. As part of this theme, the children had ample opportunities to engage in a range of themed activities. To make our celebrations even more magical, we had a celebratory lunch at the Oriental Express in Cleethorpes, where the children enjoyed tasting Chinese cuisine, followed by some delicious ice-cream!


Teachers from Guadeloupe visit us again! – September/October 2019

In Term 1 we welcomed our special visitors from our partner schools in Guadeloupe for the second time. We had a wonderfully enriching week in school including our fantastic Harvest Festival, the “Beach Clean” and many other activities showcasing all the wonderful work done across the school on the theme of plastic pollution.


February 2019 – Teachers from Lincolnshire visit Guadeloupe

During February half-term Mr Floyd, Mrs Abualzulof and Mrs Webb, alongside colleagues from Grimoldby Primary School visited Guadeloupe. We spent time visiting both our partner schools, sharing teaching ideas and strategies with the staff as well as spending lots of time talking to the children and sharing and celebrating their work with them. It was fascinating exploring the similarities and differences between our schools and our cultures and we took lots of fantastic ideas and suggestions back to the UK. Our children all made a special gift for each child in return for the gifts they received in November. We really explored the science of the project in depth and were hugely impressed with how our partner schools had immersed themselves into the theme of plastic pollution. This really inspired us to engage in this par of the project with the children in our school once we returned.

Another wonderfully rewarding and humbling week! 


Embedding the project back in school

Reception Class  

Our first creation that we made with recycled materials were the turtles. These turtles were something which we saw over in Guadeloupe and loved the idea of, so with the help from parents bringing in their used plastic bottles to recycle, we were able to cut them down to shape and produce colourful turtles. These turtles will be used to form a display within receptions creative area within the next few days. The children really enjoyed making these and are very proud of themselves, as they should be!

Next, we have used bottle tops and cut up chocolate and egg boxes to make flowers for the upcoming Mother’s Day

The Beach Clean 

Reception and Year 4 teamed up for an exciting couple of trips to Mablethorpe beach. The year 4 children were paired up with a reception child and they had the responsibility of informing a member of staff when they found some rubbish on the beach. The staff all had gloves and carrier bags to collect the rubbish safely. Even though they have lots of bins on the beach, we managed to collect quite a lot. We are in the process of cleaning the rubbish ready for the children to sort and, hopefully, re-purpose!

With some of the collected rubbish already sorted and cleaned, we created a new display for the hall. We decided on a humpback whale, due to them being found in not only UK waters, but waters surrounding the Guadeloupe islands as well.



November 2018 – Teachers from Guadeloupe visit Lincolnshire

At the end of November we had a wonderful week in school sharing and celebrating our learning with our visitors from Guadeloupe as we embarked on our 2-year Erasmus+ project “Songs, Stories and Science from Marsh, Coast and Sea. The children embraced the week with such enthusiasm as we explored the similarities and differences of our cultures. All the children received a special gift made from a child in EEPU Bragelogne School in Guadeloupe. A celebratory Afternoon Tea brought the visit to a close with some children selected to join staff, Governors as well as staff from Grimoldby School say Au Revoir to our visitors.

What a fantastic week we all had!