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Our School Aims

Our Shared Aims:

As a School dedicated to the education and welfare of the children.

We will:
• provide a safe and secure learning environment
• inspire the children through a rich and stimulating curriculum, ensuring all children enjoy and achieve
• celebrate and share the achievements of all children
• prepare the children for the wider world, enabling them to be independent learners and thinkers and embracing the local and wider world community
• promote key values of respect, fairness and honesty, ensuring that everyone within the school community acts as a positive role model to the children

As a School that values and understands the contributions of parents/carers.

We will:
• fully inform parents of their children’s learning and provide support and strategies for parents to help at home and at school.
• have an open-door policy that enables parents to contribute to any aspect of school life
• communicate regularly, in a variety of ways, to ensure parents are aware of what is happening in school
• ensure systems are in place to seek regular feedback and suggestions from parents
• work with parents to utilise their skills and expertise in enhancing the educational experience and opportunities available to the children

As a School committed to enabling the staff and governors provide the very best for the children

We will:
• challenge all learners to achieve their best
• act as positive role models, promoting key values such as respect, fairness and honesty
• encourage and support continued professional development, ensuring the best and most relevant provision for the children
• manage the school effectively and efficiently to ensure the children have maximum opportunities to learn and flourish
• maintain consistent strategies to ensure the children feel safe, secure, valued and respected

As a Church of England School.

We will:
• promote the values and ethos of the Christian faith
• work in partnership with the church and local Christian community
• value reflection time through Collective Worship and enable other opportunities for reflection within the school day
• teach the children to have tolerance and respect for all religions and faiths
• provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected and cared for